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Hair Replacement and Stylish Wigs in Johnson City, New York

Boost your confidence with hair replacement therapy or a stylish wig from Gery's Hair Design in Johnson City, New York. Our professional stylists will help you get the hair you want and deserve.

Men's and Women's Hair Replacement Therapy

Gery's Hair Design works with Apollo and uses Apollo products and merchandise, along with various wig brands, to provide hair replacement therapy for both men and women. The end result looks and feels natural and real. To accomplish our hair replacement, we use a variety of techniques that will allow you to swim, shower, shampoo, and sleep as if you had the hair your entire life.
Hair replacement can help you look and feel better if you suffer from medical hair loss due to alopecia, chemotherapy, and even hereditary baldness. Maintenance needs will depend on the methods used, and there are a variety of techniques that will help you re-grow your natural hair.
Girl with Red Hair, Hair Replacement in Johnson City, NY

Stylish Wigs

If hair loss is a problem, even temporarily, our stylish wigs can help you enjoy the confidence you had with a full head of hair. You can choose a wig for just your bangs, or full-coverage wigs. In-stock options are synthetic, but human hair wigs are available for special orders. Our stylish wigs come in short, medium, and long styles and offer a natural, youthful look that will improve your confidence the moment you put it on. In our beauty salon, you can count on professional fittings to ensure your wig makes you look great.
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